Denandsor, known also as the City of Madness, was a great First Age city that stayed almost perfectly preserved into the late Second Age due to an insanity-causing miasma that pervaded it’s streets and buildings. Once the group of Exalts known as the Denandsor Circle found the source of the miasma and destroyed it, the city was settled by refugees from Great Forks and founded once again as a city of free men and women.

First Age

Denandsor was originally the home village of a young Exalted who would one day become known far and wide as The Smith-King of Denandsor. It was originally a small farming village, but after the legend of the Smith-King began to spread, many blacksmiths and craftsmen came from all over to learn and serve him. In time, the city grew to encompass an enourmous palace, many great factory-cathedrals and manse-fortresses, all meticulously laid out to form a mandala pleasing to the Unconquered Sun and Luna and bound by a huge curtain wall.
The streets were patrolled by an army of constructed servants, including many Brass Centurions and Jade Servitors, and many of the greatest wonders of the First Age were built in it’s hallowed manufactories.
When the Smith-King succumbed to the Great Curse during the rebellion against the Solar Deliberative, he built a machine he felt was going to keep his city safe. He was right, but only in the most horrific way. The machine generated a terrible miasma that slowly infected the city, driving it’s inhabitants to slaughter each other in a paranoid frenzy. Upon seeing the violence that the Smith-King’s madness had wrought, the Smith-King’s Lunar Bondmate and blood brother murdered the Smith-King. Afterwards, he was too overcome by sorrow to leave and unable to commit to suicide, so the Blood-Brother stayed in the palace’s inner sanctum, catatonic with grief, until he mutated into a grotesque Chimera.

Second Age

The miasma that was the Smith-King’s legacy prevented the looting of the city during most of the Second Age. Unapproachable Denandsor stood empty and silent, it’s automatons falling quiet or succumbing to Wyld taint one by one, while the world moved on around it. Many of the scavenger lords would try and fail to penetrate it’s secrets over the years, but the miasma would always drive them out or drive them mad.
The invasion of Great Forks had two results significant to Denandsor- one, a group of the newly-returned Solar Exalted received their Exaltation during the fighting, and two, a large amount of refugees were driven away from the city into the wilderness. These Exalted, motivated by compassion, desired to take the refugees that had rallied under them, to a safe place to at least rest and find shelter for a time, and on the suggestion of Diamond Azure, the group resolved to try and cleanse Denandsor for their use.
After an arduous journey through the wilderness, the group succeed, and the city was resettled. Eventually, a Council would emerge to provide leadership for the city, and various organizations would spring up to serve it’s people. While Denandsor has yet to put in place a formal government or set of laws, it’s one outstanding policy, unusual in the East, is that slavery is not welcome there.


Agricultural Committee
Archaeological Society
Blacksmith’s Guild
Builder’s Guild
Denandsor Army
Water Committee

Places of Import

Jian’s Fortress-Manse
Gate Square
Palace of the Smith-King
The Arms of the Smith-King


“Dancing Spear” Ping
“Eagle-Eye” Huan
“Old Man” Xun
Bright Apple
Brilliant Orchid
Brother Haiken
Choir of Birdsong
Chao Dun
Diamond Azure
Faisa Loqun
Fel Garen, the Shining Rule
Gan Rei
Hidden Mercy
Jun Wei
Jian Huren
One Leaf Tree
Ox Bangar
Qiu De
Violet Blossom
Zhi Ang Ren, The Restless Lion


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