Whitewall is a city-state in the Near North rules by a trio of veiled goddesses known as the Syndics. It was built at the dawn of the Second Age with e the help of an unnamed Zenith Caste Solar Exalt who enchanted and sanctified, individually, each stone of Whitewall’s titular marble walls. It is also one of the few cities outside of the East to maintain total independence of the Realm.

Whitewall is a blessed bastion of civilization in the increasingly savage and unstable North. The city has law and order, an independent judiciary, nationalized education, and a public hygiene program, in a part of the world where any one of those things is vanishingly rare. Such amenities come at a cost- the Syndics have absolute rule, individual wealth is heavily penalized, and virtually all crimes are punished with death by exile in the dead of winter.

The Whitewall economy is based around mining, specifically digging iron, silver, white jade and precious stones out of the nearby mountains, as well as quarrying marble and granite. Agriculture is rarely exported, being used to feed to city itself without relying on imported grain. There is rarely a shortage of food, as the growing season is not short- the Near North is known for having both chillingly cold winters and blazing hot summers.

The city does not have a standing military. The city’s six thousand Guardians act as something of a compromise between city guards and a proper army, being better trained than most city guards but not as specialized as an army. The city’s main defense is the city wall. The enchantments and blessings levied on the wall mean that no demon, fair folk, or undead can pass the wall without being destroyed. The stones of the Great Northern Road, which passes from the port city of Pneuma to the gates of Whitewall, are constructed of the same material and similarly enchanted so that no violence is possible while traveling on the road. These enchantments are necessary, as Whitewall exists between the tainted domains of two Rakshasa and Marama’s Fell, the largest shadowland in the North.

While Whitewall has existed for one thousand years, few people- including it’s own citizens- have a detailed accounting of the city’s history. The Syndics have carefully occluded the city’s past, though for what reason, nobody knows.


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