Solar Exalted

Known also as the Lawgivers, Chosen of the Sun, or Princes of the Earth, the Solar Exalted are the champions of the Unconquered Sun and the most powerful of all the Exalted. Once the masters of Creation, the Solars were betrayed and usurped by their trusted advisors and soldiers, the Dragon-Blooded.

First Age

During the First Age, the Solar Exalted were kings and masters of Creation. The three hundred Solars ruled over different Satrapies with a certain degree of autonomy, and came together in the Hall of the Solar Deliberative at the foot of Meru, the peak that sits at the centre of the world, to debate general policy and determine the direction of the world.

When the Great Curse was made manifest, it was the Solars who began showing signs first and suffered the most intensely. Because of this, the Solars were the primary target of the Dragon-Blooded revolution.

Second Age

When the Deliberative fell, almost all Solar Exaltations were captured in a magical device known as the Jade Prison. A handful of Solar Exaltations were permitted to remain in Creation, either because they somehow avoided the last great purge or because they were deliberately left out in order to provide a threat to keep the Scarlet Empress in power.

However, late in the Second Age, the Jade Prison was breached and Solars began Exalting en masse. While few historians have come out and outright said it, this event will likely become known as the harbinger of the Third Age.


Solar Exalted are the most broadly skilled and versatile of all the Exalted, as well as the greatest in terms of raw power. They alone have access to mighty Solar Circle Sorcery.


Dawn: The warrior-kings, genius tacticians, and master martial artists of the Exalted.

Zenith: The prophets, visionaries, and leaders of the Exalted.

Twilight: The mightiest sorcerers, master craftsmen, and brilliant healers of the Exalted.

Night: The spymasters, bounty hunters, and investigators of the Exalted.

Eclipse: The diplomats, negotiators and politicians of the Exalted.

Notable Solar Exalted of the Second Age

Diamond Azure
Ejana Min Sho
Ejaz, the Coral Prince
Jian Huren
Ox Bangar

Solar Exalted

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