Lunar Exalted

The savage, warlike Lunar Exalted are the champions of Luna. The Lunars were once the mates of the Solar Exalted, as well as their bodyguards and commanders of their armies. The Lunar Exalts either fled to the hinterlands of the Threshold after the murder of the Solars or died alongside their mates in futile battle. Today, most of these shapeshifting warriors live as barbarians, blaming the downfall of the Solars (and even their inability to save them) on civilization’s softening effects.

First Age

In the First Age of Man, the Lunar Exalted were the counterparts of the Solars, capable of being ferocious and terrible while by and large the Solars were free to be shining and beautiful god-kings. Often, whether by personal attraction or political alliance, the two wed, and even today the Lunars remember their time as spouses of the Solar Exalted. These memories are sometimes fond and sometimes terrible, but the result is the same on at least one level: the Lunar Exalted rarely react with ambivalence to the reincarnation of their First Age spouses.

It is implied that there was a certain amount of complicity from the Children of Luna. Whether this is fleeing rather than protecting their spouses, deliberate ignorance, outright conspiracy, or a case-by-case mix of the three is not fully detailed, and perhaps best left to the imagination of individual Storytellers. A great number of the Lunars survived by fleeing to the edges of Creation.

At the edges, the Lunars were forced to change themselves on a more thorough level than had been accomplished before—the Wyld loosened their minds and their shapechanging abilities, until many completely succumbed and became Chimera, mad and protean things that could only be killed, their spark of Exaltation passed on to a new host.

Notable Lunars in the Second Age

Ever-Hungry Maw
Hundred Cunning Rabbit
Hidden Mercy
Iwa Poorson
Iura Dreamsong
Kyon the Silveraxe
Perspicacious Snowflake
Spring Breeze
Stone Rhino
Zhi Ang Ren, The Restless Lion

Lunar Exalted

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