Fire Lance

A Fire Lance is an Essence Projection Weapon designed for use by Warstriders, though any individual capable of manipulating Essence and lifting one can make use of it.

The weapon itself appears to be an oversized spear. Roughly 18’ long and about 1’ in diameter, the spear is constructed out of red jade with orichalcum inlay. The 4’ long spearhead is a fat diamond-shape, fitted with deep channel that lead to holes bored into the base of the blade. Near the butt end, a rectangular orichalcum box about 1′ × 8″ it attached to the spear. This box holds the weapon’s Essence batteries.

The weapon has three primary uses. When used to strike a target, the blade ignites with a flash at the point of impact, dealing fire damage in addition to the trauma caused by the strike. This consumes a tiny amount of Essence. The Lance can also project a stream of fire in a straight line up to about 40’ away from the blade. This function can also be used to create a “fan”, a wide-angled, flat spray covering a triangular area 20’ long and 20’ wide at the extreme. Of course, when depleted of Essence, the weapon is perfectly functional as a mundane Warstrider spear… if such a weapon could be called “mundane”.

The weapon’s Essence batteries are design to draw in ambient Essence, and thus are capable of recharging on their own. Someone who is awakened to their Essence can also recharge it by hand, if they’re in a hurry, as well as bypass the battery and directly activate the weapon using their Essence reserves.

In the First Age, Fire Lances were often deployed against hordes of weaker demons and masses of hobgoblins. A directive from the Solar Deliberative prevented the use of flame weaponry against mortals, and this directive was upheld until the waning days of Deliberative rule. In the Second Age, Fire Lances are usually deployed as weapon of terror, intended to break enemy lines, flush out enemies in natural cover or to burn fortifications. Unlike many other Essence Projection Weapons, the Fire Lance doesn’t have a shipboard or artillery variant.

Both Lookshy and the Realm are known to have dozens of Fire Lances. A few remain in the hands of elders of the Silver Pact, here and there. Denandsor is known to have one, looted from Ma Ha Suchi’s forces during the Siege of Denandsor. The Tri-Khan of Chiaroscuro has one in his personal collection of First Age artifacts, as does the Paragon.

Fire Lance

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