Denandsor Academy


Denandsor Academy sprang directly out of the Archaeological Society of Denandsor, both founded by Evangeline ‘Diamond’ Azure, an archaeologist and scholar first, and Solar Exalted second. It has always been her desire to elevate society and those within it through education and enlightenment, and it was the next logical step once the Archaeological Society was founded and established. It resides in a bigger building than the one the Archaeological Society resides in (which is still around, and maintained as a separate but related entity.) It’s a two-floored building with many rooms that Diamond claimed the first chance she got. It was restored to a spit shine and then made as beautiful as possible, because education should be in as pleasant a location as is possible.

Most classes are free, and those that charge are only for the equipment and maintenance of equipment, as Diamond is well-off and funds as much as she can get away with. Education is for everyone, Diamond firmly believes, and society benefits the more its people are educated. History has shown this time and time again. Poverty, war, societal strain…much can be avoided if the people simply know how to do as much.

Thus far there are several departments within the Academy, all focused on different areas of education – literacy, history, literature, archaeology, sociology, farming, and so on. In fact, new classes spring up all the time, as Diamond will literally give space to anyone with a sound proposal. Everyone, she believes, is entitled to a fair education, and she will move whatever mountains she has to in order to make that happen. She will vet her professors as thoroughly as possible whenever she has time, and give that task to someone she trusts if she’s not there to do it herself. All are paid a fair wage for their work and continually monitored to make sure the education they provide is worthy of the Academy itself.

Eventually Diamond hopes to start turning out a population that is educated enough to raise the standard of living as a whole for everyone, and connect with other cities as well, through links in both an academic sense as well as societal at large. In time she hopes to establish a “university network” which fully funds educational studies and trips around the continent and beyond. She knows it will take much time and effort but the dream of a better world is never an easy one to have. She will fight until the bitter end to make this work. She can only hope that her legacy will live on long after she perishes, which is a definite risk, being Exalted and all.

Denandsor Academy

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