Young Solar in search of meaning and purpose.


Species: Solar Exalted
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Profession: Very Minor God/High Priestess/Godfather/Martial Arts Sifu
Caste: Night
Previous Incarnation: That Kinda Crazy but Kinda Awesome Assassin Guy
Ally of Kislan Del, Gendei and Liuchan Din Alun
Sworn Liege (and friend) of Vesiri
Solar Bondmate of Zhi Ang Ren

Val stands about 5’4 and is slim with pale white skin, short purple hair and deep purple eyes. She appears to be in her late teens and is attractive, maybe even pretty and potentially even stunning if you’re into her look. Val usually tries to dress in a manner which would be considered “normal” wherever she is at, with her outfits hinting at better than average style and taste hiding just under the surface. She is almost always wearing a light blue scarf in some manner on her person.


Val grew up an orphan and was cared for by one of the temples in Great Forks until it became clear that she was not meant for religious life whereupon she was encouraged to find a place for herself in the city proper. Not many enterprises were eager to bring in a willful foreign looking orphan and the few that were willing were also the types of places young Val wanted nothing to do with. Instead she moved onto the streets of Great Forks, living by her wits, quick hands, ability to disappear, and manipulate those less street smart than she was, surviving for years and eventually teaching or helping out other orphans or runaways. Eventually her cons and jobs became more and more elaborate and she gained a reputation in certain parts of the Great Forks underworld as some able to acquire items that were usually difficult to get one’s hands on. This led to a specific job for a brown eyed woman, a tough job but one Val managed to pull off with flying colours until it was time to meet the woman who had hired her.

Season One:

Yeah that woman turned out to be Faisa the Sidereal and their meeting was going to take place at the Tea House on Cherry Blossom Road. Needless to say that was the night of the Lookshy coup and the mass Exaltation of what would become the Denandsor Circle. Val’s specific Exaltation took place as she worked to free a group of captives being taken as slaves by the Lookshy military, suddenly locks seemed to come apart as soon as she touched them and any Lookshy guards trying to stop their former captives were cut down quickly. Val and the freed captives escaped the falling City with other refugees, the other new Solars and Hidden Mercy, regrouping outside of the walls.

She traveled with the group to the City of the Mad, going ahead with the other Exalted in the group to try and solve the puzzle that was Denandsor. Val used the skills she had picked up on the streets of Great Forks to scout ahead of the group in the main Palace of the city and guide them and Blue around the worst of the things which wandered the long abandoned halls. When the madness causing effect was disabled and a section of the city cleared for habitation Val stayed on the fringes of the occupied area, often sleeping by day and spending her nights scouting out future areas for settlement or taking out Wyld tainted Jade servitors.

A loner at heart the young woman nevertheless decided to stick around the newly occupied city in order to learn more about her new condition. With the rest of the group she traveled to Shattered Hearth to meet with Ma-Ha-Suchi, surviving the ambush at the feast with the rest of the group and then causing chaos in the Beast Men and Tiger Tribe camps to hold off their pursuit of the Circle’s escape.


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