Qiu De

Diamond Azure's young student and sidekick.


Species: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Profession: Student
Student of Diamond Azure
Friend of Rashida

A short, lean, studious boy with olive skin and dark green hair. While small of stature, he wears long, baggy robes that hide his scrawny frame, and is constantly carrying around a bag of Diamond’s archaeological supplies.


Qiu De was always quiet and studious, the kind of child that takes everything too seriously and would prefer to spend time with books instead of other children at play. Fortunately, as the fourth son of a noble family, he had every opportunity to further his education. His parents were more than happy to fuel his interests, as having a scholar in the family always granted it’s own special prestige.
Long before Qiu De was old enough to attend any sort of academy or college, he had already surpassed every available tutor and absorbed every book his family could find. Clearly, some other way of cultivating his mind had to be found. His family approached Diamond Azure with a deal: additional funding in exchange for “apprenticing” Qiu De with regard to Diamond’s scholarly pursuits. The deal was made, and soon Qiu De found himself packing his bags to join the renowned scavenger lord on her adventures.
Qiu De has proven his worth time and again, making up for his lack of life experience and physicality with quick-thinking and cleverness. Qiu De has also benefited greatly from the experience of traveling with Diamond, and the boy now has a breadth of knowledge greater than most men thrice his age. Over his travels, he has learned the sword alongside Sweetmilk, learned to craft and throw a tomahawk from One Leaf Tree, how to shoot a bow from Akto, learned about Constructed Intelligences directly from Blue-235, the principles of smithing from Gan Rei, how to keep books and balance accounts from Liuchan.
Following the Battle of Denandsor, Qiu De began taking his role as Diamond’s senior student, trying to play a tutorial role with the younger students and even being an instructor for Matoche’s literacy and arithmetic classes. Of course, he took time off his busy schedule to travel to the far north with Diamond and Sweet Word of Ravens in search of the Edicts of Hachi-Nurr.

Qiu De

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