Mask of Winters

King Larquen, The Necromancer-King of Thorns


Species: Deathlord
Gender: Male
Master of Thousand Bloodstain Knives, Vessel of Walking Grotesquerie, The Butcher of Nexus and Whispers of the Bitterest Truth
Former Master of Sweet Word of Ravens

The Mask of Winters is a towering figure over seven feet tall, wrapped in undulating black robes. He wears a helmet with two mask-like faces- one a figure of sublime beauty, the other a hideous visage.


King Larquen first appeared as an advisor to the Satrap of Thorns, who earned the trust of the ruler rather rapidly. He convinced the Satrap that his army was powerful enough to conquer Celeren, while lead to a huge war between the two city-states. The powerful cavalry of Celeren walked all over the legions of Thorns, decimating them. The Satrap was then trapped in his own palace by his own angry nobles, upset over the Satrap’s poor decisions.
That was when the undead army showed up.
That’s also when news stopped leaving Thorns. Since then, Larquen has crowned himself the Necromancer-King of Thorns, an has spent the time since consolidating his hold on his country. His agents, however, have not been idle, and since the fall of Thorns the Denandsor Circle have discovered that King Larquen is actually Mask of Winters, a Deathlord seeking to overthrow Creation.

Mask of Winters

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