Insidious Taste of Venom

An ambitious Abyssal with his own agenda.


Species: Abyssal Exalted
Age: 50
Profession: Assassin
Caste: Day
Deathknight of Eye and Seven Despairs

Insidious doesn’t care much about pronouns these days, and in a very real way it doesn’t matter- the Abyssal assassin has sufficiently rotted away that it is simply a skeleton with scraps of flesh still clinging to it, held together by the dark power of it’s Exalted soul, wrapped in layers of black robes and cloaks. It was once tall, and bloody eyeballs still connected by raw sinew rattle in the sockets of it’s otherwise empty face. It uses Charms and a hood to travel among humans, but it’s true form is absolutely terrifying. In battle, it is known to wield a soulsteel chakram called The End of All Things.


Insidious’ mortal life and even original are unknown, although Choir of Birdsong can recall from a dream she once had that Insidious was once a man. Insidious avoids the mad games of his Deathlord master by carrying itself aloof and not getting involved more than necessary. It doesn’t wish to leave it’s Deathlord, as it has seen the consequences of getting caught and wants no part of that. Instead, Insidious simply pays lip service to it’s master while further it’s own agenda.
At the end of the second day of the Battle of Denandsor, Choir found Insidious fighting the Nightingale Lunar outside of her home. While the Lunar chose to flee once Choir made her presence known, Insidious stayed to taunt Choir and warn her that he was taking control of the Ape Tribe and would march them away from the city and back to their homeland the following morning, and that the Denandsor army would be wise to stay out of their way. Before he could leave, Choir put an arrow in his arm for his impertinence, and demanded his abandon the Soulsteel katars known as the Left and Right Starving Wolves before leaving. Insidious complied, promising to come back for the artifact weapons at a later time.

Insidious Taste of Venom

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