Hidden Mercy

A young Lunar eager to see the Solar Exalted returned to power.


Species: Lunar Exalted
Age: 26 (21 at start of campaign)
Gender: Female
Profession: “Advisor” to the Denandsor City Council
Caste: No Moon
Preferred Martial Art: Lunar Hero Style
Spirit Shape: Boa Constrictor
Tell: Brown and Green scales across her upper back and arms
Previous Incarnation: The Silver Sorceress, The Bloodraider Shaman
Protege of Hundred Cunning Rabbit
Mentor of Zhi Ang Ren and Perspicacious Snowflake
Mistress of One Leaf Tree
Friend of Ejana Min Sho
Lunar Bondmate of Jian Huren

Hidden Mercy is olive skinned with striking yellow eyes and long moss-green hair, often tied back. Prior to her exaltation her build was quite slender and made her look younger than her age. Following her exaltation, rigorous martial arts training and changes in diet have allowed her to put on more muscle, resulting in a lean, wiry build.

Outside of Denandsor Mercy tends to favour loose fitting cloaks that hide her tell and moonsilver tattoos. Among those familiar with her true nature, she tends to wear more revealing outfits, as she prefers to show off her tattoos.


In the years since Mercy joined the Denandsor circle, she hasn’t bothered to cut her hair and usually tames the mess with a long braid. Following her time in Halta, Mercy discarded her makeshift outfit of furs and scraps adopting the region’s celtic style.


Born to a minor merchant family in the city of Great Forks as Mira, Hidden Mercy had an uneventful upraising. She lacked any drive to follow her father on business trips and no interest in city politics. During a city festival, her closest friend was bitten by a snake a charmer was unable to control. The charmer, foolishly, didn’t carry any antidote to cure the poison. The city’s healers were also at a loss. Mira took matters in her own hands and left the city hoping to track the snake or find some other solution.

It was then Mira met Hundred Cunning Rabbit as well as a small band from the Dog Tribe. Rabbit suggested that if Mira could find a minor snake deity he thought was in the area, she could petition it for help. She ventured off alone, deep into the forests, where she would have died of starvation or exposure had she not Exalted. Returning to Hundred Cunning Rabbit, he advised Mira that he last saw her over a week ago, and her friend was likely dead.

In an unstable period and unable to control her shifting, Mira had no choice but to leave with Hundred Cunning Rabbit. She immersed herself in learning all she could, believing it was her atonement for failing to save her friend. During this time she became enamored with the Solar Exalted Rabbit spoke of, heroes that could save Creation.

Upon passing her Trials to enter the Silver Pact, Hundred Cunning Rabbit gave Mira the deed name Hidden Mercy, the name Mercy now prefers to use.

Soon after her initiation into Lunar society Mercy was tasked by Ma-Ha-Suchi to search for any Solars and to bring them to meet him. Mercy set out and was eventually drawn back to Great Forks just before the invasion by Lookshy.

Hidden Mercy

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