A good-natured but slow-witted labourer.


Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Labourer
Employee of Diamond Azure
Younger Brother of Tasu

Hanu is a large, broad-shouldered man built like a bull, muscular but hunched at the shoulder, as if he would have preferred to have born smaller. His dark chocolate hair is kept cut short, but is frequently messy, and his tan skin is usually covered in the scuffs and smudges of hard work. Despite his size, he is surprisingly deft and precise.


Hanu was hired by Diamond Azure along with his sister, Tasu. While the wilier of the pair advertised them as the perfect match of brains with brawn, Hanu proved to only be a mediocre fighter. There are many more uses for brawn, however, and he ended up staying on as Diamond’s general lifter, loader, carrier and hammerer.
He is unambitious and somewhat simple, and rarely looks into the future further than whatever treat he is currently saving his pay for.


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