A smith with a Hammer of Gold and a heart to match


Previous Incarnation: The Smith-King of Denandsor
Ally(?) of Crimson Princess
Boss of Silk Butterfly, Kidei, Gan Rei, Mihuo, Violet Blossom, Aliandero, and Han Lo
Protector of Faisa Loqun
Leader of the Blacksmiths Guild
Fighting Alias: The SMITHKING OF DENANSOR!!!
Solar Bond mate of Perspicacious Snowflake

Standing at 6 foot 5 inches tall, Cedrick is covered in muscle from working at the forges as much as he can. He has no hair; a choice he made long ago after seeing someone hair catch fire. his skin would be a deep tan colour if it wasn’t constantly covered in soot. Close obversers notice his hazel eyes with flecks of blue.

Mostly can be seen in a light shirt and kilt while smithing. He wields an orichalcum Gore maul known as The Malleus of the Smith-King when fighting. He now dons the Armour of the Smith-King gifted to him by his friends and followers.



Grandson and son of a smith, Cedrick claims that his mother even gave birth in a forge during the coldest winter the realm had seen in ten years. He spent his youngest days pumping bellows and sweeping, always watching and learning.

After forging his own smith tools (including his own anvil), Cedrick traveled across the land making contacts and taking work where he could before setting up for the Festival of Fire in Great Forks.

Exalting in the chaos of the Lookshy assault, he helped refugees escape and met up with what would become the others of the Denandsor Circle. After some deliberations, they headed to Denandsor where he was forced to kill his First age Lunar bondmate.

He then traveled with the Denandsor Circle and a few members of the Blacksmiths Guild to Great Forks and onto Nexus. He adopted the fighting persona of “THE SMITH KING OF DENANDSOR!!!” A flamboyant fighter who chose to woo one of his fighting partners named Crimson Princess, sister of Ghost River. This ended with Crimson Princess storming the gates of Liuchan din Alun’s home and demanding that Cedrick make her a sword from her winnings that could “cut mountains and slay gods”.

After a full year of crafting the Crimson Princesses red jade reaper daiklave known as the God-Cutter, he offered her a choice- him or the sword. Instead of making either choice, Crimson Princess instead called the smith out for “playing games” with her. She discarded the God-Cutter by throwing it (sheathed) first at Cedrick, then at her brother, before requesting a transfer to Shattered Hearth.


Exalted: The Legend of Denandsor Cedrick