The Article of Worship

The Article of Worship was a moonsilver Serpent-Sting Staff wielded by Eloquent Panther during his service to Ma Ha Suchi.

Appearance and Properties

An artifact version of a seven-section staff, the Article of Worship was made of seven bars of moonsilver, elegantly carved with flowing lines and swirls, connected by short lengths of moonsilver chain.

When given a command word, The Article of Worship would change shape into a mundane-looking set of prayer beads identical to those commonly carried by the Immaculate Order. albeit silver instead of jade or ebony.


Eloquent Panther carried The Article of Woship with him at all times while the Denandsor Circle visited Shattered Hearth. He eventually wielded the weapon in melee combat against Jian Huren during the ambush.
The Article of Worship was looted from his body by Hidden Mercy during the circle’s escape from the ambush site. With the help of Cedrick, she had it reforged into a Dire Chain while keeping it’s shape-shifting enchantment intact.

The Article of Worship

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