List of Demons

This is a list of all demons available to be summoned by the Sorcery spells Demon of the First Circle, Demon of the Second Circle, and Demon of the Third Circle. Only demons that can be known via the Occult skill are listed here, there can be demons who exist that are more obscure than those listed here.

In general, Occult 3 is sufficient to know the commonest types of Demon, those of the First Circle. Unless listed otherwise (noted in their bios), Second Circle demons require Occult 4 to be known offhand by player characters. Third Circle Demons are even more obscure, requiring Occult 5, but more individual Third Circle demons are widely known in creation because summoning one is an event that crushes cities, drains lakes and levels mountains.

First Circle Demons

Demons of the First Circle belong to a “species”, an easily defined variety of demon that shares similar traits with others of it’s kind. While it is possible than an individual First Circle Demon may gain sufficient notoriety to be listed as a character, these pages are listed by demon type.

Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrats
Agatae, the Beauteous Wasps
Amphelisiae, the Teakettle Courtiers
Angylkae, the Harpists
Anuhles, the Demon Spiders
Baidak, the Empty Pawns
Bisclaverets, the Shadow-Eaters
Chrysogonae, the Crying Women
Decanthropes, the Body Snatchers
Demjen, the Quickeners of Ores
Eristrufu, the Unsound Mist
Erymanthoi, the Blood Apes
Firim, the Needlemakers
Gallmau, the Hooded Lanterns
Gethin, the Harvesters of Rarities
Gylmine, the Dancers at the Saigoth Gates
Heranhal, the Fervid Smiths
Luminata, the Deer that Hunts Men
Marottes, the Hopping Puppeteers
Metody, the Malfean Elementals
Naneke, the Readers of Forbidden Texts
Neomah, the Makers of Flesh
Noresores, the Passion Morays
Perroneles, the Living Armors
Radeken, the Madling Hellstorms
Sesseljae, the Stomach Bottle Bugs
Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons
Teodozjia, the Lions Sent Into the World
Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals

Second Circle Demons

These Demons are more like gods than mundane humans, and as such they are utterly unique individuals who cannot be classified by “species”. Because of this, this list exclusively refers to character pages.

Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge of Night
Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices
Emerenzia, the Minister of the Ivory Tassel
Fel Garen, the Shining Rule
Forivet, the Whim of the Wind
Gebre, the Pavane of Dying Stars
Gervesin, the Grieving Lord
Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor
Iyutha, the Vitriolic Dragon
Janequin, Fortune’s Fool
Lucien, the Guardian of Sleep
Makarios, the Sigil’s Dreamer
Mara, the Shadow Lover
Octavian, the Living Tower
Sigereth, the Player of Games
Sondok, She-Who-Stands-in-Doorways
Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Winds
Zsofika, the Kite Flute

Third Circle Demons

Third Circle Demons make up the very stuff of Hell- they are so powerful and alien that they are more akin to forces of nature than individuals, and as such are represented with wiki pages.

Amalion, the Black and Broken, the Manse of Echoes Ascending
Benezet, the Thirty-Three, the Garden of Identities
Erembour, That Which Calls to the Shadows, the Lighthouse of Hell
Ferand, the Chariot of Embers, the Blackest Star
Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower, the Demon Road
Kagami, the Blasphemy of Place, the City of Mirrors
Ligier, Sword of the Yozis, the Green Sun
Lypothymi, the Mask of Melancholy, the Infernal Sickness
Madelrada, That Which Beats Down the Mountains, the Single-Demon Army
Munaxes, the All-Hunger, the Ravine of Whispers
Orabilis, the End of All Wisdom, the One Thousand Eyes

List of Demons

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