Exalted Timeline

This is the general macro-history of Exalted. Few specific events are referenced here, but may be linked on specific pages for each age.

The Timeline

The Moment of Creation: The Primordials congeal out of the stuff of the Wyld, make Creation as a place to live, and create the Gods to act as their servants.

The Age of the Dragon-Kings: In the first attempt by the Gods to overthrow the Primordials, Arilak the Unseen creates the Dragon Kings at the behest of the Unconquered Sun. The Dragon Kings’ civilization flourishes briefly before burning out, partly due to the Primordials’ interference and partly due to the self-destructive practices of the Dragon Kings themselves. Because the Dragon Kings use plant-base biotechnology, little evidence of them exists, although handfuls of Dragon King eggs survive to later Ages by being placed in stasis.

The Overthrow of the Primordials: The Primordials create humans as a form of currency- their worship generates Essence which is beneficial or the Primordials and Gods alike, and so their worship in various cults is traded in exchange for favours. With the help of the Primordial Autochthon, the twelve most powerful Gods successfully weaponize humans with a process called Exaltation. With further help by the betrayer Primordial named Gaea, the Gods and Exalted overthrow the Primordials and seize control of the Heavenly City Yu-Shan. Several of the Primordials are killed despite having been created before death existed- called the Neverborn, their destruction causes the formation of the Underworld. Malfaes, the most powerful Primordial, is crafted into a living prison to hold the remaining Primordials- these Primordials levy a terrible curse on the Exalted as they are sealed away.

The First Age: The Gods largely retreat to Yu-Shan to busy themselves with running Creation, content to live off the prayers of mortal humanity, as the Primordials were not exactly idle during their domination of Creation. The most powerful Exalted, the Solars, create the Solar Deliberative to govern creation and all humans, and focus their attention on conquering the Wyld. With the Wyld largely suppressed as a threat, the Exalted eventually becoming increasingly jaded and idle, until the Great Curse begins to manifest, driving them to incredible feats of madness.

The Usurpation: The Terrestrial Exalted with the help of the Sidereal Exalted overthrow the Solar Deliberative over the course of a lengthy rebellion. Creation falls into disarray as the fighting wears on, and two groups take advantage- the Neverborn create the Deathlords in order to overthrow the living and destroy Creation, and the Fair Folk emerge from the Wyld to conquer Creation. The Deathlords devise a disease called the Great Contagion that proceeds to slaughter untold numbers of people and raise their corpses as zombies for the Deathlords’ use. Meanwhile, the Fair Folk eat away at the edges of Creation, pulling half the Threshold back into the Wyld.
It is not known how long the Usurpation lasted, as the great victories of the Fair Folk led to the temporary unwinding of time itself- in different parts of the threshold the Usurpation lasted anywhere from decades to centuries, while records on the Imperial Isle hold that it lasted barely twelve years.

The Second Age: A group of Terrestrial Exalted seize control of a great superweapon that eventually became known as the Imperial Manse, and use it on the armies of the Fair Folk and the dead that ravage Creation. The process of firing the weapon kills most of them, and the sole survivor crowns herself the Scarlet Empress, mistress of all Creation. Meanwhile, all at once the Solar Exalted disappear as they are hunted down and new Solar Exaltations almost completely cease.
In the Threshold, new kingdoms rise and attempt to form a new version of the Solar Deliberative known as the Shogunate. An extended military and political conflict occurs between the Shogunate and the forces of the Scarlet Empress occur. Eventuall the Shogunate is defeated on both fronts, and the Realm now spans all of Creation.
Meanwhile, the Lunar Exalted who survived the Usurpation by hiding in the Wyld return, and form an organization known as the Silver Pact. The Lunar Exaltation are intact but have been changed by their trip outside Creation, and now have only three castes instead of five and new Lunar exalts but be fixed to one caste or another or else they mutate out of control. The Silver Pact becomes the primary antagonist for the Realm over the rest of the Second Age.

The Twilight of the Second Age: After living longer than any Terrestrial Exalt before or since, the Scarlet Empress vanishes without an heir. While the various noble families of the Imperial Isle battle to see who should take her throne, the Realm’s influence outside the Imperial Isle weakens to the point that most of the Threshold declares independence from the Realm. With the retreat of the Realm, the Fair Folk begin another attempt at conquering Creation. At the same time, the Deathlords become active in Creation again for the first time in a millennium, with the help of new servants known as the Abyssal Exalted, or Deathknights. Finally, for the first time since the Usurpation, the Solar Exalted begin to reappear in force.
The Realm is in decline, Creation is beset by foes from both within and without, and the greatest heroes and greatest villains of all time have reappeared once more in Creation. What will happen from here…?

Exalted Timeline

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