Denandsor Circle

The Denandsor Circle is an informal name for the group of Exalted who guide and protect the people of Denandsor. They may come up with a more formal designation in time.

The “full members” of the circle include:
Cedrick, the leader of the Blacksmith’s Guild and a reincarnation of the Smith-King of Denandsor, who was once a simple blacksmith of Great Forks
Choir of Birdsong, the Champion of the Nexus Grand Tourney, a mysterious demon hunter.
Diamond Azure, the leader of the Archaeological Society, a scholar and adventurer.
Hidden Mercy, a wandering sorceress and martial artist.
Jian Huren, the commander of Denandsor’s army and current Autocrat of Denandsor, a former mercenary and once a helot of Lookshy.
Val, an orphaned thief and conwoman from the streets of Great Forks .

The informal or partial members of the circle current include:
Zhi Ang Ren, the protege of Hidden Mercy, once the son and apprentice of a baker.
Yushoto Lin, Jian’s subordinate and a fugitive from Lookshy, once a commander of the Lookshy legions.
Faisa Loqun, a rogue Sidereal who has exchanged her talents and advice for protection from her enemies.

Whether or not any other Exalted will choose to call Denandsor home remains to be seen.

Denandsor Circle

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