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The Jasmine Gems

There Jasmine Gems are fist sized pale green orbs, that contain recordings of Mishiko, the daughter of the great First Age Lunar sorcerer Bar-Izahd, as she recited her father’s teachings. There are nine Jasmine Gems known to the Crossroads Society in the East. Anyone who wishes to study from the Gems requires permission from both a member of the Crossroads Society as well as one of the Solar sorcerers Ejana Min Sho and Shan Orel.

Four of the gems contain lectures on the nature of sorcery and how to attain the five stations, and can act as a mentor for attaining Terrestrial or Celestial-circle magic. The remianing five contain the following spells:

Calling the Stalwart Servitor (Terrestrial Circle, White Treatise p. 39)
Internal Flame (Terrestrial Circle, White Treatise p.51)
Sapphire Countermagic (Celestial Circle, Core p. 256)
Shadows of the Ancient Past (Celestial Circle, White Treatise p. 81)
The Faithful Ally (Celestial Circle, White Treatise p. 70)

Spell Availability

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