Exalted: The Legend of Denandsor

Adapt and Overcome

Whispers of a New Age 1

The Engine of Perpetual Zealotry looked out over the smoky expanse of the Patropolis of Greyfalls. In only a few short years, the handful of shoddy buildings of wood and stone have been removed in favour of orderly rows of aluminum and concrete prefabs, arranged in concentric circles. Before, bound to the tunnels and platforms of the Maker’s body, cities existed in three dimensions, forming to the contours of pipe conduits and cavities. Now, given a relatively flat, two dimensional surface on which to build, the engineers of the Tripartite created a sprawling wonder of geometric shapes, with decadently broad streets and luxuriously tall archways. It was inefficient, but for the first time in their lives, citizens were adjusting to the idea of having private space, a rare treat reserved only for the upper echelons of society. Of course, the land had it’s own say- the circles of the city were broken by the river slowly coursing down out of the hills.
To think that one day there would be so much clean water that people would consider it a nuisance….
She wondered idly how long it could last. For all that the people of Creation were strange, war never changes. “Expansion inevitably bring conflict,” she said to nobody at all, “And if we choose to remain strangers, then what friends will we have in the coming battles?”
She grimaced. Unfortunately, of the hundreds of lifetimes of experience she had access to by virtue of her soulgem, almost none were of diplomats or plutarchs. She had been a scout, an assassin, a bodyguard, a general, and many things more. She knew a thousand ways to end a life, but not one word of how to change a society.
With a sad sigh, she stepped off her perch on a manufactory’s smokestack, activated her gravatic boost module at the last second and lighted gently on the manufactory roof. War was coming, as inevitable as death, and if Perpetual Engine of Zealotry could not stop it, she could at least see that she was not unprepared.



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