Zhi Ang Ren, The Restless Lion

A baker's apprentice turned Lunar martial artist.


Species: Lunar Exalted
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Caste: Full Moon
Preferred Martial Art: Tiger Style
Tell: Black mane
Lunar Bondmate of Val

Zhi has grown up in recent years. He is tall, standing a full head taller than most people in Denandsor. While he was always barrel-chested, he has filled out with muscle, and now strikes a powerful figure. His eyes and skin are close to the same shade of brown, but his most striking feature is his thick black hair that seem impossible to tame and cascades down his face in the form of thick sideburns. He dresses in a Southern style these days, with flowing pants and a plain silk vest.


Zhi Ang Ren was born into a large family, three siblings plus his mother and father. His father was a baker of Great Forks, his mother an immigrant from the Imperial Isle. His childhood was easy- the son of a baker certainly never went hungry- but everything was turned topsy-turvy when Lookshy invaded. His family lost nearly everything, and joined the flood of refugees leaving Great Forks. They wandered for several months, getting turned out of various places in the Hundred Kingdoms, before they heard that Denandsor had become a haven for the Great Forks refugees, and decided to take a chance.
For a year Zhi and his family faded into the background, living among the “second wave” refugees in Great Forks and making a modest living once more. Then one day, Zhi’s father was approach by a pair of men representing the Viper of Denandsor, demanded protection money. Zhi’s father called for his boys and ran off the men with rolling pins and wooden peels. Victory was short-lived, however- that night the Viper’s men lured one of the Wyld-mad Green Jade Automatons to Zhi’s family’s bakery. The Automaton tore the place apart, killing Zhi’s family, before Zhi Exalted and in a flash of silver light, and destroyed the automaton with his bare hands.
Unfortunately, the other Exalted of Denandsor were out of the city at the time, so Jun could do nothing more than lock Zhi away in a tower room until the Denandsor Circle returned to deal with him. Zhi was like that for a week, being slipped trays of food thrice a day but otherwise having no contact with anyone.
When the Circle returned, Hidden Mercy and Hundred Cunning Rabbit tattooed Zhi and fixed his caste as a Full Moon. Mercy agreed to mentor Zhi through his early days as a Lunar, giving him the deed name “Restless Lion”, and Zhi more or less joined the Denandsor Circle.
Thereafter, Zhi began to accompany the Denandsor on their adventures. First to Great Forks, to make contact with Fallen Star, although Zhi was not a great help against the Prince of the Sunset Tower. Zhi made more of a splash in the Grand Tourney of Nexus, where he joined forces with “Volcano” Ru and “Lead Dragon” Shu., although eventually they lost to Cedrick’s team.

Zhi Ang Ren, The Restless Lion

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