Yushoto Lin

A Lookshy officer turned criminal turned ally.


Species: Dragon-Blooded
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Captain), Governor of Lookshy
Caste: Wood
Preferred Martial Art: Five Dragons Style
Subordinate of Jian Huren
Commander of Amilar Rakshi and Maheka Jaeun
Commander and Former Lover of Crimson Princess
Former Lover of “Danging Spear” Ping

Tall and slender, Lin is a handsome man, tending towards pretty without being overly androgynous. His hair is a bright emerald green that matches his eyes, which he keeps shoulder-length, and his skin is a pale coffee-and-cream shade of brown. He has a taste for luxury and a keen eye for fashion, and this reveals itself in his wardrobe, which is just barely on the tasteful side of ostentatious. He wields the green jade daiklave known as the Blade of Fallen Leaves in battle, and still wears the ancestral green jade plate of his house.


If Yushoto Lin appears perfectly at easy with being an Exalt, it’s only natural. After all, he was born to it.
Lin is the son of a military officer and a healer who serve in Lookshy’s second-most politically powerful family, Gens Yushoto. He received his Exaltation at the age of nine, in one of the brutal training programs that Lookshy uses to coerce Exaltations from children with Terrestrial bloodlines. For most of his youth, it was reinforced to him that as an Exalt he would excel at anything, live for hundreds of years, and that he was born and bred to rule over Creation. As a result, he developed a haughty and arrogant personality and was not afraid to lord his status over common mortals.
Knowing that political power in Lookshy stemmed from military service, Lin did not want to enter into the military until his power had sufficiently grown enough that he could impress his superiors. So after coming of age, his first step was to follow his father into the profession of healing. For thirty years, Lin learned and practiced the art of healing, eventually coming to surpass his unexalted father, and was eventually placed in charge of the Lookshy Home Legion’s Hospital Corps. Feeling that he had mastered the art of healing despite never learning the Charms associated with correcting mental health, Lin departed his role to join the military. Due to his existing prestige he was immediately made a Captain under Taimyo Teresu Kyandei of the Second Legion, skipping several levels of officership. In this position, Lin was the very picture of an entitled noble officer- demanding, ungrateful, harsh and disdainful of the lives under his command.

Yushoto Lin

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