"Volcano" Ru

A renegade fire elemental living in the East.


Species: Fire Elemental
Gender: Female
Profession: Mercenary Bodyguard
Ally of Zhi Ang Ren

Seven feet tall, “Volcano” Ru has the appearance of a solidly-built red-skinned woman wreathed in flame, with revealing clothes of fire-tarnished brass. Her head is bare, except for the flickering flames which are slightly longer to mimic “hair”.



“Volcano” Ru was originally born in Yu Shan, the Heavenly City, where she was raised among the other elementals that act as servants and adjuncts to the gods. However, Ru chafed under the rule of the gods, and chose to escape her divinely ordained duties and travel to Creation instead of remaining in Yu Shan.
She eventually wound up in the East, not understanding the local language and having to rebuild her life from scratch. She almost starved to death on the streets of Nexus, because having long been used to the free access to manna and ambrosia she didn’t even realize that she could starve. It was only when the leader of the city’s many criminal gangs saw the potential in having an elemental around that she was able to get help, learn Riverspeak and start making a living.
Ru was an enforcer for various gangs for many years, until she earned enough money and gained notoriety to make the jump from protecting criminal interests to protecting nobles and rich merchants.

Season 1: Burn the Past

When the Grand Tourney of Nexus was announced, her interest was piqued, and she left her latest contract into order to train and prepare for the competition.
After the “first” round of the tournament, Ru ended up on a team with “Lead Dragon” Shu and Zhi Ang Ren. While the team didn’t make it very far, they became very good friends and promised to keep in touch after the tourney.

"Volcano" Ru

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