"Lady of Thunder" Enkhergal

Leader of the Iron Carp mercenary company


Species: Human
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Profession: Mercenary Captain

Tall, broad-shouldered, with a great mane of many small chestnut-coloured braids decorated with hundreds of yellow and blue beads, Enkhergal projects a dominating presence. While pretty enough, her doll-like face has been hardened by a life of war. She wears lamellar armor like it was daily dress, although mostly hidden beneath decorative leather bands, beadwork belts, and fur fringes. Her helmet itself is made out of the skin of a lion’s head, mane and all.


Not every Marukan was content to settle in the kingdom of Celeren when it fell. Many Maruken refused to give up their barbarian lifestyle, preferring to live as raiders and nomads rather than accept the weak city lifestyle. Enkhergal’s grandparents were among those who chose to live in the wild, and it was from her grandfather that she inherited the chieftainship of her band. However, as more and more of the Scavenger Lands were settled and farmed, Enkhergal knew her people couldn’t continue the old way. That was when a factor of the Guild made her an offer- her people would become an elite mercenary army whose contracts were controlled by the Guild. Certain that her warriors would follow her to Malfeas itself if she asked, she agreed.

Season One: Burn the Past

Yu Garong had arranged for Enkhergal and her “Iron Carp” cavalry company to “protect Guild assets” in Denandsor, despite those assets being merely an empty guildhouse. During the Battle of Denandsor, Enkhergal didn’t take the field until the middle of the first day, when she led her Iron Carp in a series of hit-and-run engagements against the Ape Tribe. Despite her losses, Enkhergal managed to escape the field unharmed, and she survived the Battle of Denandsor without seeing any further action.
The following spring, the Iron Carp were relieved by another mercenary unit, the Abandoned Regiment, and Enkhergal has returned to Nexus with her band.

"Lady of Thunder" Enkhergal

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