The Silver Sorceress

A powerful sorceress of the First Age.


No Moon Caste
Previous incarnation of the Bloodraider Shaman and Hidden Mercy.
Lunar Bondmate and wife of the Golden General.
Mentor of the Last Heritor.


A powerful Celestial-circle sorceress of the First Age, precisely what the Silver Sorceress did fora living is unknown, except that she did not appear to be assigned as the sorcerer-militant to the Golden General’s armies. The earliest dream that has occurred featuring the Silver Sorceress look place on the morning after she ether seduced or was seduced by her husband’s primus, implying that she was familiar with her husbands’ co-workers, and although she was made to bear witness to the Golden General beating Arcellius to death, she wasn’t disturbed by the primus’ death specifically.
After the Golden General’s death, the Silver Sorceress sought out his Exalted soul’s next incarnation, the Last Heritor. After saving the Heritor from being overrun by Terrestrial rebels, she became the younger woman’s mentor and protector.

The Silver Sorceress

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