The Hidden Nameless

A mysterious member of the Deliberative's secret police.


Night Caste Solar
Previous Incarnation of Val
Solar Bondmate of The Priestess of Luna


A leader within the Solar Deliberative’s secret policy, the Hidden Nameless was charged with weeding out divisive elements of First Age society. Sometimes, this involve making high-profile assassinations of demonic and Fair Folk cult leaders who ensnared the minds of followers using blasphemous charms. At these times, they would work closely with The Priestess of Luna, who was often placed in charge of rehabilitating the survivors.
Other times, this took a darker turn, such as shutting down political dissenters who threatened to cause unrest during times of crisis. It’s clear that the Hidden Nameless was passionate about his work, and felt that he was really acting in the best interests of society.
According to Zhi Ang Ren, at some point the Hidden Nameless had given up one of his children to a Rakshasa in order to have his name erased from history, which holds disturbing implications for the fact that Val grew up without a name.
When the Priestess of Luna was murdered by rebel forces that desecrated her temple, the Hidden Nameless swore vengeance, and commanded his remaining servants to “make them bleed”.

The Hidden Nameless

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