The Golden General

A great general that was prominent in the Solar Deliberative


Dawn Caste Solar
Previous Incarnation of Jian Huren, The Last Heritor, and The Monk of Ariuf.
Solar Bondmate and Husband of The Silver Sorceress


A Solar of the Deliberative who evidently held a great deal of power. When he discovered that his wife, The Silver Sorceress, had slept with his second in command, Primus Arcellius, he beat Arcellius to death with his bare hands. The Golden General would eventually block out his memories of these actions.
Shortly after murdering his Primus, The Golden General was leading a last stand against an oncoming army of rebel forces. On the cusp of descending into complete madness, the Golden General mounted a suicidal charge against the foe, uncaring if his army followed him into fray. There, presumeably, he died.

The Golden General

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