The Bloody and Regretful

An Abyssal of the Mad Deathlord that attempted escape.


Dusk Caste Abyssal
Previous incarnation of Choir of Birdsong


A rare previous incarnation that lived during the Second Age, it’s rather easy to pinpoint when the Bloody and Regretful walked the earth- the only significant memory to surface featuring him involved an outbreak of the Great Contagion, and about twelve years ago in the southeast there was a brief outbreak which resulted in a brutal purge by the Realm’s legions. The Bloody and Regretful was a martial artist who served Eye and Seven Despairs, and attempted to desert his Deathlord because he felt his potential was wasted playing the mad Deathlord’s mind games. His “partner”, Insidious Taste of Venom, attempted to stop him, but the Bloody and Regretful seemed to get the better of the situation.
However, the Bloody and Regretful is dead, while Insidious Taste of Venom still “lives”. Hmm….

The Bloody and Regretful

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