A former street con turned archaeological labourer.


Species: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Profession: Labourer
Employee of Diamond Azure
Elder Sister of Hanu

Tasu is a thickly-built woman of medium height. Her dark hair is usually braided down her back, and she wears simple, sturdy clothing. She shares a similarity with her brother.


Tasu and Hanu have been on their since they were teens, abandoned by parents who were tired of caring for Hanu. Tasu chose to leave to help Hanu rather than stay with parents who would reject one of their children for being slow.
For years Tasu supported her and her brother with petty crime, with Tasu making use of her cleverness to run short and long cons. Eventually, Hanu figured out what Tasu was doing, and convinced her to turn from a life of crime and get real work, for the both of them. Tasu’s skill at social engineering worked just as well for advertising her and her brother’s skills, and she was soon a labourer on Diamond Azure’s expeditions.
These days, Tasu harbours vague ambitions of retiring from being a labourer to open an import shop, but so far hasn’t saved much money towards this goal.


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