Ex-prostitute who became Jian's protege.


Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Profession: Soldier
Student of Jian Huren

Sweetmilk possessed straight dark brown hair, and olive tone skin. She had a slender, athletic figure, pretty, fine features, and prefers simple but well-made clothes.


Originally born in a farming village on the Rolling River, Sweetmilk was sold into slavery at an early age. Raised in a brothel, for a long time she didn’t didn’t know any other life. Like so many others, her entire life changed when Lookshy invaded. Finally free for the first time since she was a little girl, she was in awe of the newly Exalted heroes that helped her and others escape. The next morning, she knelt in front of Jian and begged for him to teach her the sword. She was determined to never be anyone’s victim again.
While she had little interest in being a soldier, Sweetmilk was dedicated to mastering the blade so she joined the fledgling army of Denandsor. She was kept as a protege of Jian, and accompanied the Denandsor Circle to Shattered Hearth. There, she tested her abilities for the first time, killing a beastman in a single stroke.
Later, she traveled with the Circle to Great Forks, and, together with Ping managed to kill the Prince of the Sunset Tower, while wielding an ancestral iron sword owned by Yushoto Lin‘s family.
Later, Sweetmilk, Ping, and Ejana Min Sho teamed up during the Nexus Grand Tourney. While they performed admirably for the first few rounds, during a round where they faced a Blood Ape, Sweetmilk gave her life to protect Ping from the demon’s assault. Ping and Ejana were then able to rally and finish the match. While the tourney continued, Jian did not learn of Sweetmilk’ death until after the following match.
Sweetmilk’s ashes are currently en route to Denansor, in Ejana’s care.


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