Silk Butterfly

One of Cedrick's personal apprentices.


Species: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Profession: Blacksmith, Council Member
Apprentice of Cedrick

Once a short, curvy woman, since leaving Great Forks Silk Butterfly has put on a great deal of muscle, particularly in the back and shoulders, and her body in general has tightened up. Her mint-green hair is often tied back in a ponytail, and she prefers to wear short-sleeved robes that show off her new arms.


Formerly a slave and prostitute of Great Forks’ Cherry Blossom Road, since coming to Denandsor with the other refugees following the invasion by Lookshy Silk Butterfly has taken up the hammer and never looked back. Like many of her fellow ex-prostitutes, SIlk Butterfly struggles occasionally with the sheer physicality of working iron and steel, but she has taken to her work like a starving man and spends hours of overtime at the forge.
She was grateful for the chance to learn under the smith-king himself, and looked forward to one day running her own forge, even though Cedrick sees her as more of a gold- or silversmith. Like Cedrick’s other apprentice, Kidei, she accompanied the Denandsor Circle first to Great Forks, then Nexus, before journeying back to Denandsor with Yushoto Lin‘s caravan.
After the Battle of Denandsor, Cedrick surprised her with a test to graduate from her apprenticeship and become a fully-fledged journeyman. Given two months to make any functional object as a display of her expertise, Silk Butterfly purchased the finest materials, and worked herself to exhaustion every day. At the end of the test period, she produced a steel strongbox, with a built-in brass lock, that was able to stand up to three blows from Cedrick’s hammer. Thus, she received her journeyman rank… and a surprise appointment to the Denandsor Council.
Lately, Silk Blossom’s mind has been on her future, and she has joined an informal “matchmaking” ring run by Nyree din Alun. She still works towards the dream of owning her own forge, though her duties preclude her from making much progress.

Silk Butterfly

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