A mysterious Stranger who was scouting Denandsor territory.


Species: Human (?)
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Scout Leader)

Debbyck’s uniform is much like the rest of the Strangers- gloves and longcoat made from a strange, black, shiny, leatherlike material, with a heavy, goggled mask and a shell helmet that completely hides his head. Beneath the mask, he is so pale that his skin is translucent, with visible blue veins, and has dark hair and eyes. He wields one of the Stranger’s characteristic crossbows.


Debbyck and his squad were captured by “Eagle-Eye” Huan and his scouts. While Debbyck ordered his men to stand down and surrender without a battle, they also refused to hand over their weapons. The group were marched for a day and a half to Denandsor for interrogation, the whole time neither resisting nor disarming themselves.
When they were brought before Jian Huren, Jian was able to speak with him. Debbyck spoke a bizarre dialect of Old Realm, and while he was cagey able many things (“That’s classified”) he claimed that his team was sent by the “Hegemony”, and his mission was making a map of the area, trying to “learn”. He also claimed that while the Strangers weren’t looking for trouble, that they had a great need for land. In the interests of peace, Jian gave Debbyck a map of the Scavenger Lands with political borders clearly marked before having the Strangers marched back to the borders of Denandsor territory and let go.


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