An ex-slave proficient in many languages.


Species: Human
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Profession: Student
Student of Diamond Azure
Friend of Qiu De and Daxiao Din Alun

A slender young girl with southerner looks- pale, ashy hair down to her shoulders, dark ebony skin, and dark eyes. Lately she has started to fill out a little more, slowly growing into a slightly curvier, more feminine build. Ever since being freed, she has shown a bit of luxurious taste in clothes, and prefers bright colours and silks.


Rashida was born a slave of Nexus, to a pair of slaves shipped north from Kirighast. Her owner had began educating her from a very young age to be a translator and scribe. Literate and a skilled calligrapher, Rashida is also fluent in Riverspeak, Forestongue, Flametongue, Linowan, Marukani, Turtle Tribe, and Haltan.
Rashida was eventually purchased and freed by Val, during the Nexus Grand Tourney. Shocked and a little scared at her sudden freedom, Rashida initially tried to convince Liuchan to hire her, but eventually ended up being sent to the Archaeological Society to continue her education. Qiu De helped make her feel welcome, and the two were fast friends.
While Rashida initially butted heads with the other student that Diamond had acquired in Nexus, Daxiao, the two have recently formed an odd friendship, one being a ex-slave and the other the daughter of a wealthy merchant. In between her studies and her work as a translator for the Denandsor Council, she spends her time studying more esoteric pursuits, like poetry and music.


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