Ox Bangar

A soldier in Denandsor's army.


Species: Solar Exalted
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Sergeant), Criminal Mastermind
Caste: Zenith

A large man with a farmer’s build, dark skin and short, auburn hair. He often wears the garb of a Denandsor Army officer- lamellar armour and a straight sword- even when off-duty.


Ox Bangar was born a field slave outside Great Forks, forced to work punishing hours doing back-breaking labour. He was born the child of rape, his mother another field slave and his father one of the overseers. That is why Ox’s name is so odd- his mother simply named him after the strongest thing she knew about, and once freed, Ox chose to take his father’s family name, because slaves commonly only have a single name.
He joined the Denandsor army at the first opportunity, and showed enough promise as a leader to be named Sergeant in time.

Ox Bangar

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