One Leaf Tree

A young Dog warrior who serves Hidden Mercy


Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Profession: Servant of the Gods
Nephew of Longstrider
Servant of Hidden Mercy

One Leaf Tree is a slim but athletic man of average height, with tan skin and dark hair about the colour of cedar bark, braided into a long queue. He wears the traditional buckskins of his people, and usually walks armed with his waraxe and bow.


One Leaf Tree always wanted to explore the world beyond his tribe’s lands, even as a young boy. He learned Riverspeak from traders who visited his band to trade for furs and rare herbs just in preparation seeing the wonders of the civilized world. He couldn’t understand why his uncle wouldn’t want to become a Servant of the Gods, either. Surely, such a calling would lead to a life full of exciting adventures.
When it seemed that Hidden Mercy was in need of an assistant to help with all her different priorities, One Leaf Tree jumped at the opportunity to offer his services. Since then, he has traveled to negotiate with Hundred Cunning Rabbit, served as Denandsor’s liason to the Dog Tribe, and battled beastmen at the Denandsor Circle’s side. However, One Leaf Tree is still dissatisfied. He turned his back on his people, accepted a new calling for life, and yet he is still doing the same things he did for his people- fighting, speaking to city folk- just for Hidden Mercy instead.
Because of this, One Leaf Tree is looking forward to the battle with Shattered Hearth. Perhaps he just needs a chance to prove himself….

One Leaf Tree

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