"Old Man" Xun

A old and crusty veteran soldier.


Species: Human
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Profession: Soldier (Sergeant)

A short, stocky old man with a great curly man of grey hair, pale brown skin, and a chest-length beard. While generally unkempt with his civilian clothes, he wears his uniform with pride. When off-duty, he usually reeks of wine and spends as much time as possible in one state of debauchery or another. While he wears a straight sword with his uniform, he still carries a spear and shield when on the job.



Xun was born to the life of a Lookshy helot, and for most of his life has been a private in the legions. Being illiterate, Xun never qualified to rise any higher in the ranks, and stayed at the bottom of the ladder for many years until Jian Huren chose to desert. Xun, worried about his younger fellow soldiers, chose to leave to “keep an eye on them” rather than stay in Lookshy and continue to go nowhere in life.

Invasion of Great Forks

Xun was with Jian during the invasion of Great Forks, and traveled to Denandsor with the refugees. He was surprised to be eventually made a sergeant, but tries his best to meet that standard. Despite his old age, he works hard to fight as well as any man younger than him- and he makes up the difference in physicality by fighting as dirty as possible.

Season 1: Burn the Past

Lately, Xun has been thinking of the future. He had placed a lot of his mercenary earnings in various banks over the years, and has asked Jian to withdraw that cash so Xun can invest in a brewery.
Xun lost his life when a Lunar assassin hidden among the Denandsor soldiery attempted to kill Jun Wei with a poisoned dagger. He pushed Jun out of the way, only to get stabbed himself.

"Old Man" Xun

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