A young apprentice of the Blacksmith's Guild


Species: Human
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Profession: Blacksmith’s Apprentice

Mihuo is a stocky yet pretty young woman, who is starting to put on the muscle characteristic of blacksmiths. She has shoulder-length moss green hair and light brown skin.


Mihuo used to dream of becoming pretty enough to be sold to a whorehouse. She was born and raised as a field slave in Great Forks, working the poppy and marijuana fields for her noble masters. Even her mild ambitions for life were unlikely, given her low station.
Instead a better opportunity presented itself. When refugees from the Lookshy invasion of Great Forks gathered outside the city before heading south, many field slaves just sort of joined up with them, Mihuo included.
When Mihuo arrived in Denandsor, she joined the Blacksmith’s guild and the rest is history. She traveled as part of Cedrick’s blacksmith team to Great Forks and Nexus. She is now traveling back to Denandsor with Yushoto Lin’s caravan.


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