Diamond Azure's right-hand man.


Species: Human
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Profession: Expedition Manager
Subordinate of Diamond Azure

An attractive man of six feet with ebony dark skin, a fit if not bulky physique, and a head he meticulously keeps shaved bald. He wears practical clothes for traveling, specifically loose-fitting pants and a silk vest, and wears a dark red headband. While he only goes armed at need, he prefers to fight with a chopping sword.


Matoche was born in the city of Gem to the far south. Born to a family a labourers, Matoche possessed a knack for organization and a head for numbers that let him rise above his station. He was soon running caravans for the ruling Despot, leading teams of labourers out into the dune to gather gemstones and firedust from the dunes.
One day, an archaeologist by the name of Diamond Azure arrived in town. When she mentioned that she was putting together an expedition to look for a ruin called the Reservoir of Spirits, Matoche was pointed out as “the best caravan organizer in Gem”. The only problem was that Matoche was already hired, by a Realm-sponsored scholar named Baal Ok looking for the same place. It looked like Diamond was out of luck, until Matoche overhear Baal speaking to the leader of the Realm soldiers sent to assist them. Turns out, what the Realm really wanted was a First Age superweapon called the Reliquary of the Compact. Matoche told Diamond, and the two formed a plan to steal the superweapon from under the Realm’s nose.
Unfortunately, their plan didn’t work, and they were captured. Fortunately, Baal was insistent on confirming that the Reliquary that they found was genuine. The weapon misfired, and everyone at the ruin was killed save Matoche and Diamond Azure. They return to Gem with the Reliquary, where it was seized by the Despot. After speaking with Diamond, the Despot promised that the Reliquary would be studied by “top men”, but in reality he was just pissed off that Realm was organizing expeditions in his country without his knowledge and threw the Reliquary into one of his treasure vaults, never to be seen again.
Through this whole adventure, Matoche and Diamond had become fast friends, so when Diamond went to return to her home in Great Forks, Matoche went too. They went on a few other adventures, before getting caught in the Lookshy invasion of Great Forks and ended up escorting refugees to Denandsor. Matoche, along with Jun Wei, were instrumental in getting the refugees there mostly alive.
Since then, Matoche has been instrumental in running the Archaeologist’s Society, and an active member of the Denandsor council.


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