Ma Ha Suchi

An ancient Lunar elder who hates the Solar Exalted


Species: Lunar Exalt
Gender: Male
Profession: Elder of the Swords of Luna
Once a Mentor of Hundred Cunning Rabbit
Mentor of Eloquent Panther

These days Ma Ha Suchi spend his time almost exclusively in Deadly Beastman form. He appears as a seven foot tall wolfman with silver and white fur, but the triple-jointed legs, cloven hooves, horns and rectangular pupils of a goat.


Ma Ha Suchi was once a handsome man, renowned for his good looks and charming ways, a Waxing Moon caste diplomatic attache and advisor for his Solar Bondmate. Ma Ha Suchi doesn’t speak of what transpired between them at the height of the First Age, only that he was subjected to one thousand years of unspeakable torment. His Bondmate died early during the Usurpation, and with no Charm or spell to hold him in place, Ma Ha Suchi was one of the first Lunar Exalted to flee into the Wyld.
Wracked by chaotic energies, Ma Ha Suchi mutated terribly after the breaking of the castes. Because of this, his goat features are now permanently part of all his true forms. When he was finally fixed to a new caste, he demanded to become a Full Moon, saying “The time for words has ended.” This quote is a favourite of many Swords of Luna, and is frequently passed around as inspiration for them.
Ma Ha Suchi hides himself in his fortress at Shattered Hearth, rarely if ever venturing out. This hasn’t stopped him from training new Lunar Exalts and running campaigns against the Realm and the Fair Folk through intermediaries. He is served by a race of beastmen he has fashioned in his image through centuries of selective breeding, as well as any students who have come (or been manipulated into) accepting his tutelage. While now a tactician and warrior, Ma Ha Suchi has not forgotten how to play the game of politics and frequently manipulates the other factions of the Silver Pact to his advantage.
Since the return of the Solars to Creation, Ma Ha Suchi has begun an elaborate plan to exact revenge and/or keep Creation safe from the Solar’s depredation. Using factors and agents to lure newly Exalted Solars to Shattered Hearth, he treats them with a feast before killing them and boiling their corpses in molten gold. He keeps the skulls as trophies, and when the Denandsor Circle was ambushed at Shattered Hearth, Ma Ha Suchi had decorated their feasting table with fourteen of them.
Since the Denandsor Circle has escaped him, Ma Ha Suchi has begun gathering an army with which to crush Denandsor and slay the Solars he hates so much.

Ma Ha Suchi

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