Liuchan din Alun

A merchant of Nexus sympathetic to Denandsor


Species: Human
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Profession: Merchant

A southern man with flame-red, curly hair at shoulder length, along with a goatee. He is broad-shouldered but average height, and while we was once very fit he is starting to go soft around the edges. He wears fine clothing as befits with wealthy and status, but not ostentatious, although he wears rings of many different metals. While he doesn’t always carry one, he does know his way around a sword and prefers a southern-style chopping blade.


Liuchan din Alun was actually born Ashir din Alun in the city of Chiaroscuro along the southern coast of the Threshold. He belonged to a noble family, but the life of the idle rich wasn’t for him. He wanted to see the world, take an active part, and pay his own way. So he cashed out his share of the family fortune, purchased a ship, and began trading slaves and wine between Chiaroscuro and the Imperial city of Arjuf. However, money and the desire to make more money doesn’t replace actual skill at trading, and he promptly lost almost all of his fortune and had to sell his ship in order to pay his crew.
However, Ashir had two traits which would help him not only dig out of this hole but secure his fortune once more. One, he has an uncanny knack for putting others at ease. Two, he does not give up easily. He signed on as a clerk on a slave ship owned by a merchant he met when he first began his merchant odyssey and started to pay attention, learning as much as he could about how to manage inventory, barter, and weigh potential profits against potential losses.
Slowly, he began to build up his merchant empire, calling upon his contacts among nobles, merchants, sailors, and even the slaves that he had traded to others in order to secure contracts and make money.
In time, however, Ashir began to uncover an uneasy fact. Because he was using slaves as contacts to reach the nobility and wealthy of the Imperial Isle, he started seeing them more as people than as servants and commodities. He discovered slaves that he was trading rarely had good lives after leaving his care, even compared to the conditions they had lived in that made them slaves in the first place. Indeed, even some of Ashir’s closest friends and most valuable contacts were viscious slave owners who whipped, raped, starved and divided the families of their slaves.
Disgusted, Ashir decided to separate for his old life and the vulgarities of the slave trade. He adopted the eastern-style name Liuchan, sold most of his assets, and leveraged a position at the Grand Guildhall of Nexus. He freed all his personal slaves, and offered a handful of them- mostly skilled female slaves and pleasure slaves- his hand in marriage and the opportunity to begin a new life in the East where they could continue to pursue success as a family. Seven of them accepted his offer, and they relocated.
Liuchan worked in Nexus, and eventually attained the rank of Guildmaster, although he never lost his taste for hands-on trading and always took unique opportunities to explore new trade routes and visit exotic places. He never traded slaves again, although in order to not appear as a reformer to his fellow Guildmasters he was forced to keep a few as household servants that he gives a generous stipend and treats very well.
While Liuchan has no desire to reform the Guild, it was his kindly predisposition towards slaves that initially drew him to Kislan Del‘s tales of Denandsor, the city of slaves freed by the Lookshy invasion of Great Forks. Curious, he rushed to ensure that he wold mount the first return trip, even breaking his own rule and bringing some slaves with him just to see how the government of the new city would react. While initial relations were strained, Liuchan developed a good opinion of the fledgling city and resolved to return.
Before he had a chance to, the Denandsor Circle showed up at his home looking for a place to stay during the Nexus Grand Tournament. He was happy to oblige, and took the opportunity to warn them about Yu Garong coming to negotiate the end of the slavery ban, and bribed some guards so that Val could smuggle a group of slaves out of Nexus after Vesiri killed their owner.
However, these things did not go unnoticed by his rival within the Guild, and a group of mercenaries attacked Liuchan’s home. With the help of the Denandsor Circle, Liuchan was able to defend his home, but choose to temporarily flee the city until he had the resources to deal with his enemies.
He is currently traveling to Denandsor in Yushoto Lin’s caravan.

Liuchan din Alun

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