"Lead Dragon" Shu Al'Krien

Scion of the Al'Krien Bellfounders and Firewand Company


Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Profession: Merchant
Ally of Zhi Ang Ren

A gangly young man with flame-red hair and coal dark skin, with a perpetual grin and a storklike build. He is never far from his flamewand, and wears fine silk clothing.



Shu Al’Krien is one of the scions of the Al’Krien Bellfounder Company, who are known as creators of the finest-quality firewands and flame pieces in Creation.

Season 1: Burn the Past

In order to help promote their weapons, Shu had traveled to Nexus and entered the Grand Tournament. He wasn’t just a rich fool thinking he could get far in the tournament, though- Shu was extremely proficient at Righteous Devil Style, a martial art making use of firewands that his family’s company had hired a group of monks to create.
He signed up under the name “Lead Dragon Shu” and after the “first” round was placed in a team with “Volcano” Ru and Zhi Ang Ren. While the group didn’t get very far in the tourney, they became very good friends, and promised to keep in touch.
Following the Battle of Denandsor, Zhi Ang Ren traveled South to visit “Lead Dragon” Shu in his home town. Shu welcomed his old friend, and gave Zhi a job as one of the company’s guards and enforcers. During this time, Shu and Zhi studied martial arts together, and occasionally fought with bandits or gangs of thieves. While Zhi served faithfully for a year and a half, he soon became restless and had to leave. Shu bid his friend farewell, and returned to administering his family’s company.

"Lead Dragon" Shu Al'Krien

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