Kislan Del

A northerner merchant who is an ally of Denandsor.


Species: Human
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Profession: Merchant, Bureaucrat
Friend(?) of Val

Kislan is a woman of great girth, although he moves rather nimbly for someone of her stature. Her hair is ashy blonde, her skin very fair, and her cunning blue eyes are perhaps a little too small for her face. She has a taste for fine clothing, preferring silks and dresses, but tends to avoid jewelry.


Born in the northern trade city of Whitewall, Kislan grew up around merchants and studied as a clerk, then a factor, from a young age. She proved proficient with managing caravans and keeping an inventory of supplies, and before her sixteenth year had earned her place as a merchant of the Guild and was running the Whitewall-Inara trade route. Despite her facility, she did not advance far in the Guild- she refuses to say why exactly, only to vaguely hint at some political infighting that eventually inspired her to relocate to Nexus.
While based out of Nexus, Kislan serviced a number of trade routes throughout the Hundred Kingdoms. She kept a low profile, preferring to stick to running moderately profitable routes that benefited from her ability to micromanage.
Shortly before the Lookshy invasion, Kislan was contracted by a mysterious noblewoman to load her caravan with trail rations and medical supplies and wait to join a larger caravan under the noblewoman’s direction. It was an odd request, but the noble’s letter of marque was good and she paid the full agreed amount in advance. Thus, when the Lookshy invasion occurred, Kislan happened to be perfectly equipped to help the refugees on their way to Denandsor.
Since then, Kislan has become good friends(?) with Val and a great boon to Denandsor, helping establish trade ties with the Guild and building trade routes to Great Forks and Celeren. Eventually, she was appointed to be the head of the Agricultural Committee following the resignation of Prelate Maiyun, on the recommendation of Gendei.
Kislan proved to be an unpopular but ruthlessly efficient administrator. Her first act was to order all the herd animals slaughtered, butchered and salted for provisions, followed by slashing the fields in order to plant only beans. Although there were protests from both the people and the rest of the Agricultural Committee, Kislan’s decisive action would probably have saved the city during the Battle of Denandsor if additional supplies hadn’t come from the Chayan people.
Because Kislan ordered the fields to be exhausted, instead of following a proper crop rotation plan, the following spring saw the Agricultural Committee having to rebuild with no livestock and unfertile ground. Kislan once again made an unpopular but effective decision by ordering ashes to be taken from the funeral pyres left from the Battle of Denandsor. The ashes were used to fertilize the fields, which helped renew the fields enough to get the farming back on track.
Kislan has been quietly investing in more and more varied livestock in the city. The city is beginning to breed it’s own dairy cattle, beef cattle, draft horses, goats, sheep, ducks and chickens, although it will bee another few years before the city will be able to stop importing livestock. She has also been blocking and voting down attempts to develop or continue to grow Chayan Village, arguing that the village needs to stay small and productive in order to be a feeder community for the larger city of Denandsor.
Since Shattered Hearth was claimed by Denandsor, Kislan has been pushing hard for the settlement of the new city. Hundreds of Agricultural Committee workers have been paid to relocate, adding to the city’s population of soldiers and scholars.

NOTE: If you’re paying attention to the minutiae of the game, you may have noticed that Kislan’s trade caravan managed to make the Denandsor to Celeren round trip in about five weeks, which should have ordinarily taken a group of horse-drawn wagons six and a half months to complete. This is a genuine goof on my part and should not be taken as evidence of secret supernatural powers on Kislan’s part and I don’t think there’s any story benefit to be gained by make some shit up as to why it was possible. Just please ignore it (or continue to ignore it).

Kislan Del

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