The Abdicated King of Celeren


Species: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Profession: Musician
Great-Grandson of Naranbattar the Conqueror and Red Tortoise.

Thin-framed and dark-haired, this young musician is fine-featured and handsome. He is immaculately groomed, and keeps his beard balbao-style, his nails neatly trimmed, and his teeth bright and clean. He wears oddly fine clothes for a wandering musician, preferring unembellished silks and satins, with a carefully measured amount of jewelry to match whatever he is wearing. While he travels with a bow and a shortsword, he is not adept in their use and prefers to avoid trouble.


The fourth son of the previous king of Celeren, Naranbaatar II, Altansarnai (“Altan” to friends and family) was never meant to ascend the throne. Instead he showed an early interest in art, and spent many days learning the harp, flute, and poetry under his mother, Queen Shufen’s guidance. When he was a teenager, his father agreed to send Altansarnai across the Inner Sea, to study at the Spiral Academy. There, Altansarnai studied poetry, music, philosophy, higher maths, and languages, excelling in many of his studies.
When Naranbaatar II declared independence from the Realm, Altansarnai was ejected from the Spiral Academy and had to be retrieved by merchants friendly to the Celeren royal family. The Altansarnai that left Celeren all those years ago was a sensitive and adept, if effeminate, young man who had a bright future ahead of him as a writer or composer in royal court. The Altansarnai who came back was a surly drunkard, more than eager to spend the royal treasury on pursuits of the flesh while only occasionally dabbling in the arts he once enjoyed.
Despite the fact that he quickly became the public shame of his family, Altansarnai seems to have been greatly affected by their deaths. He has kept himself tightly cloistered since the assassinations, where before he would spend most of his nights on the town. Gone, too, are the groupies and whores that made his usual company.
During the Lookshy invasion, his great-grandmother, the Lunar known as Red Tortoise, came to Altan to offer him freedom from the throne. If Red Tortoise could orchestrate a false death and funeral for Altansarnai, he would be free to find his fortune in the world however he wished. In so doing, Altansarnai would also be providing a great service to his country, allowing Red Tortoise to manipulate the clan leaders into unifying long enough to drive the Lookshy out. Altansarnai agreed, and Red Tortoise secretly removed him from the castle.
Since then, Altansarnai has a regular gig playing at the Horse and Anchor tavern in the Celeren docks district.


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