One of Cedrick's young apprentices.


Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Profession: Blacksmith
Apprentice of Cedrick

A trim young man who is fit without being bulky, Kidei has perpetually messy dark hair, and generally wears simple peasant’s clothes.


Kidei doesn’t know who his parents are. The earliest memories he has are of living on the streets without clothes or a home. He existed as an urchin for most of his life (eventually begging some clothes, of course) until the invasion of Great Forks, where he was driven out along with the rest of the refugees.
Eventually settling in Denandsor, for the first time in his life he actually experienced opportunity. Jobs were plentiful and easy to come by, as everyone was needed to help out. Kidei fell in with the Blacksmith’s Guild, and showed enough of a hidden talent for iron work he was selected by Cedrick as one of the Exalt’s personal apprentices.
Kidei truly enjoys his work, and hungrily eats up all the new techniques and learning that he can. He has a great respect for his boss, that as only grown since making the trip to Great Forks and then Nexus
Since the Battle of Denandsor, Kidei has continued to put his all into his work. He puts in long hours at the forge, and takes the time to clean his, Silk Butterfly‘s and Cedrick’s workplaces every night. He is usually the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night.


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