Jun Wei

Jian's right-hand woman.


Species: Human
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Profession: Guardsperson (Captain)
Superior of Chao Dun, Vesiri

An attractive if stern woman of middling height, with perfectly straight brown hair that is normally pulled back into a severe braid. Her build is athletic and streamlined, and she is rarely not in military uniform with her straight sword by her side. She is fair for an Easterner, with good complexion, although she has no lack of battlefield scars.


Despite being born among the helot class of Lookshy, Jun spent most of her life as a dedicated patriot. She entered military military not for the benefits, but because she wanted to do her best to help protect her homeland. She was disciplined, determined, and fiercely loyal to her fatherland.
This attitude came to a screeching halt when she was caught in flagrante delicto with a lover. Technically, they had done nothing wrong- both soldiers were off-duty, they were of equal rank, and from different units besides- except they were caught in the act. Jun was marched before her superior officer, Captain Yushoto Lin, stark naked from the far side of the encampment, giving many of the other soldiers an eyeful. Her and her (now former) lover were given excessive punishments and made an example of. Jun’s composure never wavered through the process.
It was what came after that broke Jun’s idealized vision of her country. It started with lewd comments, then escalated first to pinches and gropes, then offers of cash or status for sex, all the while rumours and tall tales about her were spread around. At least with her fellow helots, Jun did not mind twisting an arm or smashing a nose to dissuade her would-be suitors, but against full citizens of Lookshy she had no defenses, and while Captain Lin did not participate in her harassment he did little to protect her from it.
Her spirit broken, when Jian Huren began forming his plan to desert the Lookshy army, she gladly took part. It was with a heavy heart that she turned her back on her home, but not before she felt her home had turned it’s back on her.
As Jian’s second-in-command, she was able to regain her former composure. Even as a woman with no country, there was at least some things that she could still remain dedicated to- her commander, her sense of honour, her devotion to duty.
Jun was with Jian during the flight from Great Forks with the refugees, and was left in charge of the refugees along with Matoche. The two leaders often butted heads over how best to lead the people, with Jun favouring a forced march to cover as much ground as possible whereas Matoche preferred to take it easy on the already stressed and weary refugees. The two eventually learned to compromise, and together were able to stem the spread of a dysentery outbreak and get most of the refugees to Denandsor in one piece.
Since then, Jun was been managing the recruitment and training of the Denandsor Army with Jian, and taking full command while her commander is off adventuring. She is a contributing member of the Denandsor Council, is conducting an active investigation of The Viper of Denandsor. She was the one who recommended Ox Bangar and Chao Dun for promotion and even helped her rival, Matoche, organize and recruit the Archaeological Society’s company of exorcists.
Having been a part of Denandsor since the beginning, Jun is hoping to guide the fledgling nation into the kind of place she can be proud to serve.

Jun Wei

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