Jian Huren

A Lookshy deserter that dreams of equality for all.


Species: Solar Exalted Caste: Dawn
Age: 38 Exalted Age: 5
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9" Weight: 137Lb
Appearance: He is generally adorned in his armor or loose clothing that allows him freedom of movement. He always has his Daiklave at his side. His skin is darker showing his southern descent, however it is lighter than most. His hair is normally shaved to keep it out of his way in fights, but when it grows in a little it is a slight green betraying his eastern background. He is lithe with an athletic build, by appearance most would assume him to be more suited to dancing than fighting, the muscle he has built showing rather little on his frame.

Profession: Leader of Denandsor’s army, Council member
Previous Incarnations: The Golden General, The Last Heritor, The Monk of Ariuf
Commander of “Dancing Spear” Ping, “Eagle-Eye” Huan, Brilliant Orchid, Chao Dun, Jun Wei, Yorei Aruto and Yushoto Lin.
Deceased Subordinates: “Old Man” Xun, “Buck-Tooth” Hu, Sweetmilk, Ox Bangar
Solar Bondmate of Hidden Mercy
Adoptive Father of Baby Xun


Jian was born and raised a helot of Lookshy. He was content to work the fields until he was called upon to serve in the army. Despite his appearance he quickly proved his worth as a soldier, possessing above average skill in hand-to-hand drills. During a particular deadly battle Jian was forced to form a new fang with other survivors. Although they won in the end and he was promoted and given citizenship, he still felt bitter over the loss of life and blamed the Dragon Blooded commanders. He decided to do his best to become a commander himself to ensure such tragedies would not occur again.

After bringing success on the battlefield time and again Jian was dismayed when he was informed he would rise in rank no more then Sargent. The only reason given was that he was too low born to be given any further advancement. It was a short time latter that Jian prepared to leave Lookshy forever to travel as a mercenary, to his surprise the rest of his Fang decided to join him. Thankful for their company and trust they set out to find work.

For the next three years their small group traveled the Hundred Kingdoms taking on small jobs here and there, mostly guarding merchant caravans or taking on bounties. It was a small stop between jobs that they found themselves in Great Forks. During this time Lookshy launched their sneak attack during the festival. Jian was attempting to quiet an argument between Diamond Azure and Val in a tea shop when he was confronted by Lookshy forces inside. Knowing that his comrades would back him, he struck out against the looting soldiers, and thus Exalted. He then helped his fellow Exalts and refugees escape the city.

After helping found the city of Denandsor Jian took on the responsibility of leading the city’s army which doubles as a guard. All though he hopes to eventually free Great Forks he is occupied with first ensuring that Denandsor is safe. To do this he hopes to turn the Denandsor Army into a force to be feared on the battlefield.

Jian Huren

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