Hundred Cunning Rabbit

What happened to the other ninety-nine rabbits?


Species: Lunar Exalt
Age: 226
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trickster God
Caste: Changing Moon
Spirit Shape: Hare
Mentor of Hidden Mercy
Ally of Longstrider

Hundred Cunning Rabbit resembles his spirit shape in more than just name. He is short, compact and athletic, and while attractive tends more towards “cute” than “handsome”. His a fair for an Easterner, with pale green hair and and easy grace to his movements. He generally wears an outfit of buckskin and carries with him a moonsilver powerbow named The Farshot.


Hundred Cunning Rabbit was born in in the small fishing village of Deren’s Ford, where he originally seemed destined for a life of quiet labour on the Inland Sea. This was not to be, and he received his Exaltation when a group of Marukan raiders descended on his village to rob and pillage. While Rabbit was able to outsmart the Marukans, and saved many of his people, but he couldn’t protect his own family. In was in this distraught, confused state that a pack of Lunars recovered him, having followed astrological omens to the place of his Exaltation. So when Ma Ha Suchi needed a new young protege, Hundred Cunning Rabbit was ideal to be inducted into the Swords of Luna- a blank slate with few mortal connections who could be moulded as the elder Lunar required.
Hundred Cunning Rabbit served as a member of the Swords of Luna for most of his life, although he was at best, a poor fit. Rabbit was no soldier, and would frequently question orders or find creative solutions for problems that clashed with the factions long term plans. Still, Hundred Cunning Rabbit stayed on, prioritizing the safety of Creation over his own happiness and advancement. It was only after almost a century and a half of service that he began to wonder about the Swords’ methods. After all, despite a millenium of almost constant war, they were no closer to victory over the Realm or the Fair Folk.
Rabbit theorized that, alone the Lunars weren’t capable of accomplishing anything. The greatest works of the First Age were co-operative- Lunars and Solar with Dragon-Blooded servants and Sidereal advisors- so if one really wanted to change the world, you needed to work together with other Exalts. That philosophy motivated Hundred Cunning Rabbit abandoned the Swords of Luna or the Seneschals of the Sun Kings.
While in later years the Seneschals would grow in power, when Rabbit joined they were barely a political factor in the Pact. After all, there were no Solars for them to serve, and the faction was full of idealists sitting in hoary old ruins, dreaming of replicating a better, bygone age. Rabbit was never one to city idle, though, and he set up an information network, learned Sorcery, and in time became the Lunar patron of the Dog Tribe. He dreamed of meeting his Solar bondmate, and being the best servant possible to them- one that came with great magical prowess, information about the world, and even an army of loyal soldiers.
When Solar Exaltations began to occur once more in the world, Rabbit set about gathering as much information as he could. It was around this time that Ma Ha Suchi attempted contact once more. After all, the ancient Lunar elder had a similar interest in the re-emerging Exalts….

Hundred Cunning Rabbit

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