Han Lo

Cedrick's personal assistant


Species: Human
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Profession: Clerk
Employee of Cedrick

A short, balding, rotund man with dark olive skin, with a cheerful and polite disposition. He has an odd affinity for orange, and virtually all his clothes come in that colour.


Once a fat, wealthy and happy usurer, Han Lo was happy to profit off of other’s success and misfortune while drowning his night in wine, opium smoke and flesh on Cherry Blossom Road. He was idle and content, pleased only to exist for his own gratification, without a wife or children to care for. All that was changed when the Lookshy invasion occurred, and soon Han Lo found himself turned out of the city that was his home his whole life.
He was depressed and miserable the whole long march to Denandsor, and became even worse when he began to experience opium withdrawl. Once, he even got in trouble with Jun Wei for looting the bodies of the dead when dysentery took it’s toll on the refugees. In many of his fellow refugees, he inspired disgust if not hatred. At his lowest, he fully expected to experience an “accident” before the march ever finished.
However, Denandsor was not just a blessing for the slaves and the hungry.
Once the refugees had arrived and began organizing for mutual survival, Han Lo was left without much to do. His soft moneychanger’s physique was unsuitable for building or farming or fighting, and he possessed no knowledge that would be useful to the archaeologists or healers. Idly (and hungrily) spending his time wandering the city, he happened across the Blacksmith’s Guild, and overhearing a snippet of conversation, realized an opportunity: Cedrick had no idea how to manage an inventory.
Han Lo joined the Blacksmith’s Guild as their very first clerk, to manage the books and supplies so that Cedrick could spend more time worrying about loftier things like quality, training and inspiring his workers. While Han Lo initially joined with the intention of keeping Cedrick distracted and happy so the greedy little ex-usurer could embezzle as much as possible, there was one problem. Han Lo had discovered something: work that mattered fulfilled him more than any amount of poppy, booze or whores ever had. For the first time in his life, he experienced the joys of simple virtue.
Since then, Han Lo has worked as hard as any smith or apprentice of the guild, content in his humble position.

Han Lo

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