Ghost River

A quiet Dragon-Blooded mercenary with a wry sense of humour.


Species: Dragon-Blooded
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Mercenary
Caste: Water
Preferred Martial Art: Fire Dragon Style
Twin Brother of Crimson Princess
Ally of Val and Faisa Loqun

Ghost River is tall even for a man, with a lithe dancer’s build. He keeps his dark blue hair short, and has an elegant handsomeness that is accentuated by his easy, fluid movement. While he fades into the background compared to his sister, he is far from plain. While he rarely wears much in the way of armour, his signature is a pair of hook swords that he usually keeps sheathed on his back.


Ghost River is only a little more forthright about his past than his sister, and not much is known about hims either. He was separated from his twin at an early age, and was raised in a monastery. They didn’t know each other existed until they met about a year ago, around the same time they received Exaltation.
Ghost River fought in the Nexus Grand Tournament, making a good showing for himself although he didn’t end up placing very high. Shortly after being knocked out of the tourney, he was approached by Val, who hoped to secure his aid in defending Denandsor from Ma Ha Suchi’s depredations. Ghost River indicated he was interested, but was unwilling to abandon his sister, and asked for time to convince her to take the job as well. Thankfully, Crimson Princess was interested in the job for her own reasons.
He is currently traveling with Yushoto Lin’s caravan on their way from Nexus to Denandsor.

Ghost River

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