Gentle Snow

A Guild clerk struggling through the ranks in Nexus.


Species: Human
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Profession: Guild scribe

Gentle Snow’s most striking feature is her long, mint-green hair, which she lets flow freely down her back. Her skin is a soft mahogany, and she is short, curvy, and attractive. Being a newly christened Guild member, she is forced to wear a strict uniform of dark grey robes, but has a taste for fine but not ostentatious clothing when off-duty.


Gentle Snow is another former prostitute from Cherry Blossom Road who fled Great Forks during the Lookshy invasion. In her case, the flight from the city was bittersweet, as she was a slave forced into prostitution against her will. Having been in a brothel with fairly high-class clientele, she had a variety of handy skills- she had learned to read in order to recite poetry to her clients, and she is also a fair hand at the shamisen, flute and harp. She did not linger long in Denandsor, however, preferring to seek her fortune elsewhere in the world.
She elected to move to Nexus, where she used her charms to find work in the lower echelons of the Guild, keeping accounts and managing the book for the colossal organization. It wasn’t long before her looks got Gentle Snow noticed by her superiors, and the prostitute-turned-clerk was more than happy to play a couple of her managers against each until they both were fired for starting a brawl in the record archives. Gentle Snow was promoted in the sudden power vacuum, and rose to being a fully-fledged scribe. She now assists lesser guild merchants with letter-writing and note-taking directly, and rules her own small pool of clerks with an iron fist.

Gentle Snow

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