The secretary of the Denandsor Council.


Species: Human
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Profession: Scribe, Bureaucrat, Councilor

A weedy, slim man, with thinning brown hair, olive skin, and a permanent slouch, with weak eyes from having spent all his days bent over one ledger or another. He dressed formally but not extravagantly, and always seems to have a book or a pen at hand.


Gendei was a clerk for the Guildhall in Great Forks when the invasion occurred and he ended up in the swarm of refugees who headed south to try and make a living in Denandsor. His service in Great Forks was largely unremarkable, outside of a few promotions. He was just another cog in the machine, unambitious and competent enough to be overlooked.
It was in Denandsor that his star began to rise. The Council was in need of a skilled scribe to keep records and advise on matters of bureaucracy, and Gendei happened to have the expertise that they needed. Gendei has mostly been a quiet voice on Council, only voting when necessary to break ties, or on certain pet issues of his, such as the abolition of slavery.
When the Circle of Denandsor contacted Matoche and Jun to prevent Yu Garong from convincing the council to legalize slavery, Gendei was the much-needed third member of the conspiracy to freeze council until the Circle could return.
When council was reorganized, Gendei remained secretary, and even had his responsibilities expanded to include recognizing speakers, determining the order of petitions and public addresses.


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